This post demonstrates how to migrate data from the free Inventory and Sales Management Excel template to the premium version. It should take less than 10 minutes to migrate and get all the additional benefits of the premium Excel template. The following video demonstrates the process and the steps are also explained in the post below.

    • Enter Basic business info in the premium template. Enter Location if you need to change it
    • Copy Products data from free template and then paste as values in cell B6 in PRODUCTS sheet in premium template.
    • Enter Product Ids Copy/Paste from your source or Type them in. If you don’t have Product IDs yet, then you can type 1, 2 and then fill the column.
    • Ignore Starting Inventory sheet
    • Copy Paste Partner Names from ORDERS_AND_INVENTORY sheet in the free template to the PARTNERS sheet in premium template
    • Remove Duplicates
    • Enter Partner IDs, Shipping address, Billing address, etc.
    • From ORDERS_AND_INVENTORY sheet in the free template, copy first three columns and then paste as values in Cell A6 in ORDERS table in the premium template.
    • Copy Partner name column to ORDERS table.
    • Select ORDER TYPE column values. Press Control+F (Find and Replace). Replace Purchase with PURCHASE and Sale with SALE.
    • Remove duplicates
    • Enter Location.
    1. From ORDERS_AND_INVENTORY sheet in the free template, copy columns (Order Number, Expected Date, Product Name, Quantity, Unit Price) to ORDER_DETAILS sheet in the premium template.
  6. Refresh data


With this, you have now migrated all your data to the premium excel template.