Please follow the steps outlined below.

0. Save a back-up copy of the file. This is recommended before making any modifications to the template.

1. Unhide HELP sheet (right-click on any sheet and click "Unhide..")

2. Go to cell AL1005. (i.e. the last cell of the existing table in HELP sheet)

3. You should see the small triangle in the right bottom corner of cell AL1005. 

4. Click and drag that triangle down to more rows as needed (if you need 100 more employees, drag it down to cell AL1105).

5. Go to column A and select any two numbers and drag down triangle to fill in the series to the newly added rows.

6. Hide the HELP sheet by right-clicking on the same sheet and choosing "Hide"

7. Save the file.

8. Test the dashboards and make sure that more than 1000 employees are accommodated.