Step 0:

The template uses tables and queries. In such cases, Excel requires enabling data connections. 

Please note that there is no external connections to any server of any computer. This template is a stand-alone Excel file that you download to your computer and all the data will reside in only your computer.

Please click on 'Enable Content'.

Step 1:

Enter list of values (or items) in the List. The number of items is referred to as N. Max allowed is 20.

Step 2:

Enter number of items in each combination. This is referred to as R. 

In the above screenshot, R is entered as 3. 

Max R supported is 7 in the template.

Also, the R cannot be greater than the List size (N).

Step 3:

Choose Delimiter

In the screenshot, I have enter ' - ' (space, hyphen, space). You can enter any delimiter you would prefer. You can leave it empty if you don't want a delimiter.

Step 4:

Refresh Calculations.

Since the template uses calculations behind the scenes, they need to be refreshed after you enter input data in Steps 1 to 3 above. Every time, you make changes to the input data, please refresh calculations.

To refresh calculations, please click on 'Refresh All' in the DATA ribbon.

Step 5:

View Output

The output list of combinations will appear in the table. 

Step 6 (Optional):

Combinations greater than 2000

If your output combinations is greater than 2000, you will see this message. This is because, by default, the 2000 combinations are displayed. 

To extend, if you click on the red link, it will take you to the end of 2000 combinations. 

First Unprotect sheet using indzara as password. (How to unprotect?)

After unprotecting, click and drag down the edge of the table to extend to more rows (depending on how many you need) beyond 2000.

Processing Time

Please note that the more combinations (more the N or more the R) we have, Excel will need more time to process the calculations. 

You will see a message in the bottom left corner, if Excel is still processing. Please wait until it finishes. 


If the number of combinations (based on input) was entered incorrectly, you can click on the message and cancel the query.