Please note that the more combinations (more the N or more the R) we have, Excel will need more time to process the calculations. 

You will see a message in the bottom left corner, if Excel is still processing. Please wait until it finishes. 


If the input was entered incorrectly, you can click on the message and cancel the query. 

For example, when we are calculating the combinations of 5 items from a list of 16 items, the number of combinations is 4368.

A way to see the progress of the query is to first click on 'Queries & Connections' in the DATA ribbon.

You will see a list of connections like below.

The first query is the one that reflects the progress of loading.  When it is fully loaded, it will appear as below.

Please be patient while the data is loading. If the data is loading extremely slow or is getting stuck, please check the input N and R to make sure that they are correct. 

If there are further questions, please email your file and describe your issue to