Unpaid Report allows you to see Unpaid Invoices or Unpaid Bills.

A screenshot of Unpaid Invoices is below.

Invoices Not Due Yet and Invoices Past Due are shown separately.

You can see 20 invoices each by default. If you have more than 20 unpaid invoices, you can see the next 20 by typing in 21 in place of 1.

On the right side, you can see the 2 charts summarizing the unpaid invoices by Customer Name. 

Please refresh the data to see the charts updated.

The charts appear as shown below.

If you would like to view Unpaid Bills instead of Unpaid Invoices, you can easily change in the drop-down.

A screenshot of Unpaid Bills is below.

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Everything works similar to Unpaid Invoices, except that we have data on unpaid bills.

After changing to Unpaid Bills, refresh the data to update the charts.