We have a free version of the Timesheet template available. 

Excel: https://indzara.com/2018/09/timesheet-template-excel/

Google Sheets: https://indzara.com/2020/03/employee-timesheet-free-google-sheet-template/ 

The following are the differences between the free and premium version.

1. Premium version allows tracking multiple employees in one file. In free version, you have to copy the file separately for each employee.

2. Premium version allows tracking time when employees work overnight. (start in the evening on one day and finish work next day morning). Free version does not support this.

3. Premium version allows custom date range for time sheets (in addition to weekly, biweekly and monthly timesheets) . (any number of days <= 31 days). Free version supports only weekly, biweekly and monthly timesheets.