Please note that this template is retired now. A new product Retail Business Manager (Pro) provides more features. If you are using this old template and have any questions, please email


Retail Inventory & Sales Manager – Excel Template (Multiple Locations)


The Retail Inventory and Sales Manager is suited for managing inventory and sales if you are running a business of buying products from suppliers and selling to customers.

This Excel document will assist in knowing the inventory levels of each product and understanding which products to re-order. You can also create invoices instantly and print or save as PDF. In addition, you can quickly view the purchases/sales patterns over time and identify the best performing products.


You need a copy of Microsoft Excel. All features are available in Microsoft Excel for Windows (2010 and 2013). Analysis sheet is not compatible with Excel 2007 for Windows. Since Excel for Mac doesn’t support Slicers and Pivot Charts, Analysis sheet is not available. Analysis Details sheet provides tables but not the charts in Microsoft Excel for Mac (2011).


Enter and manage up to 2000 different Products

Manage inventories in multiple locations (up to 10)

Create and print invoices instantly (up to 40 different products in one invoice)

Customize invoice with your own (up to 4) customer information columns

Can handle 50,000 line items (if you have 10 line items per order, you can have 5000 orders)

When limit is reached, you can archive the file and start fresh with a new copy

Set tax rates differently for each product

Set custom re-order points for each product (re-order points are same for each location)

Can have a mix of products which are inventoried and products which are not

Easy to print product, customer and order lists

Easy to enter starting inventory of each product in each location

Instant access to current and future inventory levels of each product

Identify the products to be re-ordered

Know if the sale orders can be fulfilled or not

Easily understand the sales and purchase patterns

Quickly see your top customers and suppliers

Identify your best performing products and how different product categories contribute to sales