Overview of Steps - How to use https://indzara.com/product/fitness-weight-loss-tracker/

  1. Enter settings information
  2. Plan your week using the planner
    • (Optional) Print and post it in your home or office
  3. Enter actual progress of activities daily
    • (Optional) You can print and record progress on paper daily and then enter in the Excel file weekly
  4. View Progress in Fitness Dashboard. 
    • Evaluate what habits to change if you are not meeting your goals

1. Enter Settings information.

Choose Measurement system. Above screenshot shows English system.

Below is a sample of using Metric system.

Enter your height, starting weight and your goal weight.

Enter the starting date from which you plan to use this template for fitness tracking.

Choose the starting day of the week. Since the dashboard shows weekly summaries, you can control when your week starts and ends. For example, in the above screenshot, week start day is Sunday. So, every week starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday.

Enter activities and goals

You can enter up to 15 activities. For each activity, you can set a separate goal. The units can be defined individually as well.

Goals can be per day or per week.

For example, my goal is to walk 30 minutes a day, 45 miles every week, meditate 6 hours per week, etc.

Once you have completed the basic settings, you are ready to plan your upcoming week.  

2. Plan your week ahead of time. 

Enter Starting date of the week.

For each day of the week, enter details.

Just below the date, you can enter some info such as weather. 

Then enter the activities you plan to do. Enter time of day when you plan to do a certain activity.

Time is optional. Activity and amount are required.

10 activities can be planned for a day.

The results of your planning are displayed.

In the above screenshot, you are not set to achieve your Biking goal. 98% is planned. Now with this feedback, you can review your plan and update the amount of Biking planned on one of the days. Then, the results will show as below.

Now that you have completed your planning for the week, you can now choose to print the planner sheet and post it in your  home or office. That will serve as a quick reminder to you every day on what activities you need to be doing. This is helpful as you don’t need to open your computer to see the plan during the week.

3. Track actual progress

During the week, you need to record the actual activities you are doing. For that, please print your tracking sheet.

The table is already pre-built for you. Dates are automatically calculated for you.

Choose the dates, activity columns and Notes column. Enter Control+P to print. Choose “Print selection” in Settings.  

Tip: if you don’t need all 15 activities, you can hide the unused activities’ columns, before printing.

Now you will have a sheet of paper printed like the one below.

You can now record the activities during the week.

By the end of the week, you can enter that information in the Excel file.

4. View Dashboard

The Dashboard sheet is fully automated.

The Fitness Dashboard shows the latest weight and BMI. It shows the trend of weight over time.

Each of the 15 activities are displayed with % of goal achieved. It will be green if goal is achieved, red if below the threshold and yellow if in between.

The dashboard also clearly shows how much actual activity amount versus the goal. For example, In the above screenshot, 1195 mins of walking were completed out of a target of 840 mins. That is 142% of goal. Whereas in Biking, 132 miles were achieved out of a goal of 180 miles. That is only 73%.

The dashboard is interactive. You can customize it to show Latest week, Last 4 weeks, last 12 weeks, Last 26 weeks or Last 52 weeks.

In addition to the summary, you can view the weekly and daily trends as well.

Choose an activity from the drop-down.

You can immediately view the weekly and daily trends.

You can see the weeks and days where you met the goal (green), exceeded the red signal threshold (yellow) and did not meet the red signal threshold (red).

The dashboard provides insights that allow you to identify areas that need improvement. Please make a habit to enter data at least once a week and review the progress. This will help you make the necessary changes in habits to improve in upcoming week.