A couple of scenarios where Demand calculation will not include all demand data entries. In both these cases, Calendar and Dashboard will have different results. Calendar will show demand correctly but Dashboard will exclude some demand. Below are the reasons and how to fix.

1. If you have entered any demand data record in Demand sheet, while that specific combination of Resource-Skill-Project is not in the Capacity sheet, Dashboard and Calendar will show different results. Please check. 

Calendar sheet pulls demand data from Demand sheet regardless of if there is a matching row in Capacity sheet, hence it will reflect all demand sheet entries.

Dashboard pulls data from Capacity sheet (which pulls in demand data for matching records via formulas), hence it will not reflect any such demand row entries which do not have a matching row in Capacity sheet.  

2. If you have entered capacity in multiple rows (into multiple date ranges) for the same Resource-Skill-Project combination, then the demand entries in Demand sheet should not overlap across those date ranges. 

Please check the capacity and demand entries. 

If you need any assistance with this, please email support@indzara.com 

We will be happy to review and get back to you with a solution as soon as we can.