Following are the steps involved to increase the product limit:

1. Select any cell in the last row of the product table in the INPUT DATA tab.

2. Click and drag down the above-highlighted dot to the number of rows required to expand the PRODUCT table:

3. Select the newly added rows and change the row height to 120:

4. Select and copy the blank image shape in row 200 of the product table and paste it in all newly added rows separately (Note: you can also select multiple blank image shapes from previous rows and paste the same at a time):

5. Existing product thumbnail image cells will have highlighted names in a series of P_1, P_2, ..., P_199, P_200.

6. You will have to change the newly added row's image cell with the same series by selecting the cell and type series as P_201, P_202 one after another in the highlighted section. This is to create the named range for the product image which will be used in background calculation:

7. Unhide tab C:

8. Select the entire last row of the calculation table and drag it down to the number of rows added in the products table as described in step 2: