Overview of Steps

1. Enter Settings (one-time) - customizable per your organizational requirements

2. Enter the List of Employees and relevant details in the EMPLOYEES sheet

3. Enter the Onboarding activities date in the ONBOARDING sheet

 4. View Dashboard

Detailed Understanding of each Step

1. Enter Settings

In the Settings sheet, you can enter the values, relevant to your organization, for each of the key fields which shall be used in our Dashboard. 

Important: Enter the number of days to measure early Churn as needed and the onboarding status terminology (in that order), as defined in your company. These shall be used in the Dashboard.

For example, by default we measure the churn (employee leaving) within first 90 days of employment, as it would reflect the onboarding process' success.  

Enter the list of onboarding activities that have been curated. This Dashboard supports 25 different onboarding activities.

As shown in the image below enter the other details that are applicable.   

You can enter job related details like Job Type, Category, Title etc., in the fields as given below.

Also, the sheet contains the two Exit Types possible and you can enter Exit reasons as defined by your company.

2. Enter Employee Data

Enter the Employee Name and other relevant details as required in the sheet. Entering data in this sheet is quite straight forward. The template provides drop-down in fields to assist clean and quick data entry.

For any employee exits, enter the relevant information like Exit Date, Type and Reason. Also enter whether the particular exit is a regrettable one or not as shown.

3. Enter Onboarding Details

Once after the employee details are entered, the Employee Name, Department and Start Date gets auto-populated.

Enter the onboarding activity completion dates for each activity as shown.

Once the dates for each defined activity is entered, the Onboarding Status and Completed dates gets auto-calculated.

This sheet can be updated whenever a particular activity is completed by an employee.

4. View Dashboard

Once these details are entered, you can view a fully automated  and interactive Dashboard.

For a given period (maximum of 12 months) , gain insights into New Joiners, Onboarding completion %, 90 Days Churn Rate by Month. Use these analyses to make well-informed decisions.

Get key metrics like New Joiners, Onboarded count, Avg. Onboarding Days, 90 Days Churn Rate, and other crucial metrics with simple data entry.

The Analysis Dimension gives Avg. Onboarding days and 90 Days Churn rate based on a particular dimension. This aids in gaining a deeper insight like which department took more days to Onboard and which department had higher churn rate.

You can issue a PDF with all the onboarding activities and their completion date for each employee from the Print Sheet. The dates and respective employees’ progress are automatically calculated.

All the above charts can be filtered by several filters for further analysis. The list of filters is shown below.  

You can view the average Onboarding days and churn rate based on a few Analysis dimensions like Location, Ethnicity, Department, Job Title etc.,