If there's a scenario where capacity is known at a resource level and not to any particular project or skill, follow the given steps to assign capacities in such cases:

1. Assign capacity to blank projects (leave project fields as empty) as shown:   

2. Enter the demand against the resources in the Demand sheet (along with Skill group and project)


3. Copy the combination of Resource - Skill - Project and also copy the Start and End dates from the Demand sheet (as entered in Step 2) separately.


Copy only the required cells as shown below: 

Ensure that the Resource - Skill - Project  combination is same in both Capacity and Demand sheet.

Copy the combination of Resource - Skill - Project 
Copy the Start and End dates from the Demand sheet

4. Now, paste these data in the Capacity sheet (At the end of existing data) Kindly ensure to paste under the correct column names as explained below:

Paste the Resource - Skill - Project
Paste the Start and end Dates

5. Assign the above with zero capacity in the Capacity sheet.



In this scenario, in the Dashboard, Project level comparison will not be meaningful. However, the rest of the dashboard (resource level, skill level) will be accurate and can be used.

Similarly, apply the same logic if you do not want to assign a skill to a project.