Let's take a look at how we can skip (or exclude) non-business days (weekends or holidays) while creating recurring events.

For a recurring event, which happens multiple times, if there's an instance of the event that happens to fall on a non-business day i.e a Holiday or a non-business day and we don't want to display the event on that day; Follow along these simple steps:

Lets consider an example of a weekly event (weekly meeting) that happens every Monday as shown below:

This gets reflected in the calendar as follows (Yearly calendar is given as example)

There is a holiday on 06-Feb-2023 as defined in the Home sheet:

Now, if you do not want the above day to be shown in the weekly meeting event, follow along:

Choose "Skip" in the Non-Business Days column in the Events sheet as shown below:

This informs the template to not consider any holiday or weekend while showing events in any of the Calendar designs.

Once, this change is made, the Yearly calendar view changes to: