In this video, lets create official U.S. holidays on calendar using our Event Calendar Maker Google sheets template

It is to illustrate the functionality of the template where creating events such as 3rd Monday of a month and last Monday of a month is simple and easy. Read along to learn how you can also create similar events for such holidays or special days in your organization. 

Let's take the example of official U.S holidays, but the concept applies to any such events or holidays per your requirement.

Let's start by entering an event type "Official Holidays" 

In the Events sheet, start creating an event say, New Year. This is quite straight forward since it's a one time event and a specific day.

Once this is entered, the template displays New Years Day as an Event in Blue.

Next, lets enter MLK Jr. Day which falls on the third Monday of January, every year. For this we use "Nth Weekday of Mth" as below:

The above entry means that, the template will consider the 3rd (N=3) Monday (MO=1) of January in the calendar.

Once this is entered, the template automatically calculates the official holiday as below:

Next, let us consider the example of Memorial Day which falls on the Last Monday of every year, the same is entered in the Events sheet as below:

The frequency type here is chosen as "Last Weekday of Mth" .

Next, lets see how to include Labor Day which is the first Monday of September:


We choose :Nth Weekday of Mth" as frequency type and give MO=1, N=1 (since first Monday).

The calendar gets automatically populated:

Similarly, using the above logic, you can create your customized holidays.