Using our Event Calendar Maker Template, it is very easy to create annual events such as Birthdays or Anniversaries. 

In this article, lets see how to create such events and then re-use the same template year after year. 

There are multiple ways to create the desired effect. Here, we create events that occur every 12 months. 

Firstly, create annual event names like Birthdays and Anniversaries in the Home sheet.

Now, for example let us create a birthday event. Since birthdays are recurring events  (i.e., once in every 12 months) we shall choose the event type as "Monthly" and assign frequency as 12 (N=12).

This means an event is generated every 12 months. Lastly, make sure all the days are allowed (by assigning 1). This is because we want the birthday to be highlighted irrespective of a weekend or holiday. 

Consider the event start date as the actual birth date and assign the end date in future, since we will be re-using the same calendar for subsequent years.

Similarly create an event for anniversaries.

Once the above data are entered, the template automatically updates these events in the calendars.

For us to reuse the same template for the next year, all we need to do is this one simple change:

Update the year as 2024 in the Home sheet:

Once the year is updated, the calendar gets updated with the same events for the year of 2024.