Step 0:

The template uses tables and queries. In such cases, Excel requires enabling data connections. 

Please note that there is no external connections to any server of any computer. This template is a stand-alone Excel file that you download to your computer and all the data will reside in only your computer. 

Please click on 'Enable Content'. 

Step 1:

Enter list of values (or items) in each List. There can be up to 15 lists.

Each list can include any number of items (no limits on the number of items per list in this template)

An example screenshot is given above.

Step 2:

Choose R value for the number of items per combination. Please note that the default delimiter is "-".

Step 3:

View Output

The output list of combinations will appear in the table. 

Please note that the combinations should be within the limit of the number of possible rows allowed in excel (approximately one million forty-eight thousand). As the number of combinations generated gets nearer to the limit value, it might take a few seconds to populate the combinations, based on your system performance.