Follow the steps given below to generate invoices, which can be printed or exported as PDF.

1. In the ITEMS sheet enter the list of invoiceable items, their descriptions, category details, whether they are taxable or not as shown below:

2. Enter the details of all your customers like the billing and shipping addresses and other relevant details in the CUSTOMER sheet.

3. In ORDER DETAILS sheet , enter the invoiced items for each invoice, a sample is shown below:

(This will be used to generate the invoice for each invoice number as entered here)

4. INVOICE sheet is where you can enter the invoice number to generate that particular invoice, once the above steps are completed.

Enter the invoice number in the Invoice # cell to view the partic

This sheet can be customized according to your small business needs.

All the column names are customizable:

The invoice total calculations can also be modified as required:

To view invoices and payments Dashboard, Unpaid invoices and Customer report, click here for the step-by-step guide.