In the Power BI reports page there are a lot of slicers in use. These slicers can be made to interact (or) not interact with certain visuals using "Edit Interactions".

Follow along to achieve this:

To disable slicers

Step 1:

Click on the slicer whose impact you do not want on a particular widget.

In this example, I do not want "DEPARTMENT" slicer to affect "Under skilled by Department" chart in the Performance Power BI dashboard.

So, click on the Department slicer and from the ribbon on top click on Format and then on Edit Interactions.

Step 2:

Once you click on "Edit Interaction", on all the visuals and slicers on the Dashboard, two icons will appear that allows you to choose whether the particular slicer or filter (as selected in step 1) should impact the visual or not. 

Meaning, you can edit the interaction made by a particular slicer on any visual present in that report page.

To disable interaction to any visual, click on the "stop" button which is visible on every visual. In  our example, it is for the "Unskilled by Department" chart.

To enable slicers

Follow the same steps as above in choosing the slicer whose interaction you want "enabled" on any visual.

Click on Edit Interactions and the choose the "Filter" option that appears on top to enable the slicer to affect the visual.


Follow the same steps to edit interactions (disable or enable) to more than one visual.