Following are the steps to increase the limit of Resource or Role or Project or Holiday/planning period limit:

1. Unhide hidden sheets by right-clicking on any sheet name:


2. Please note that each of the Resource, role, project and holidays are present in different sheet. The sheet names are as follows:

Resource: RES TABLE sheet

Roles: ROLE TABLE sheet

Projects: PROJ TABLE Sheet

Holidays & planning period: CALC sheet

Ensure to only unhide the sheet whose limit you want to increase.

3. For example, you need to increase the limit of Role Table:

    Go to the end of the existing table and click and drag on the edge of the last cell as shown:

4. Now drag the edge to include the number of additional rows you need:

5. Once this step is done, save and Hide the sheet again to avoid unnecessary editing/deleting (since they contain calculations).