With the  purchase of the Resource Capacity Planner Lite Excel Template, you'd receive two versions of the file:

The V 1.1 comes with the following predefined limits:

1.  By default, there can be 200 Resources, 25 Roles, 100 Projects & 100 Project Categories, 200 Holidays. 

2.  Template allows a maximum of 2 years planning period.

The same can be extended by following simple steps as mentioned in this article: click here

With V 2.0, 

1. This template is built using the latest Excel functions and requires an Excel 365 subscription to work.

2. There are NO limitations on the planning period or default capacities (enter any number of resources, roles, projects, and project categories, no. of holidays)

To customize the same please reach out to support@indzara.com for the same.